New Begninngs!

What are you leaving behind come 2019? What are some things you are choosing to do different?

Well! Let me share mines. I am going to start the year 2019 off with a 30 day self love journey! That’s right! I am making the first 30 days all about me, well and my daughter of course, but she is apart of me! You may wonder why only 30 days?? Well, if I can challenge myself for 30 days and conquer, it then becomes a lifestyle!!

I am challenging myself to put me first, to love myself, and to embark on any and everything that brings me joy! Everyday will be different from the last. I will be enjoying so many things from all different backgrounds, from food to health, religion, adventure, work outs, to dates (with myself!) and more! The biggest part and challenge of my journey is sharing it with you all!! Get ready because I am choosing to be fully transparent, open, honest and free. I am letting go of all that 2018 fear and diving into 2019 with courage! So I’m hoping this brings out my best self and who knows maybe it will inspire someone else to let their best self shine!

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