Day 13: Self Love

I feel amazing!!! Practicing everyday to be present and mindful of my actions liberates me more and more! This morning my little one went with her Godparents to be closer with God while I went to workout and meditate. This has been one of the most best weekends of my life. I got so much done and still had plenty of time to spend with Zoe and family. I’m grateful for this journey and to be sharing it with the world. May everyone day be filled with bliss and love, with love Ocean Blisss.

Day 12: Self Love

Good morning everyone! How is everyone feeling on this gloomed Saturday? Well I’m feeling great. My little one is now at her wits end with her cold, pretty much gone! She is eating everything now! And me, I had an awesome 2 days off so far I got so much done and still had time fun. Here we are on day 3 and I have a few things on the agenda: prepping food for the week, homework and…. I have a date! Like a real date! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I met this guy randomly 2 months ago and we’ve been talking here and there. He actually asked for a date a while ago but I put it off. This time I said yes! He made all the plans so this should be interesting and fun! Something new. So for my self love today I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and accepting an offer of adventure with open mindedness. Oh! and though I shaved the other day I did not do my facial. Therefore, my Mom and I will be doing facials together this afternoon!

On another note for class, I have to choose a science topic to do a project on and there are so many great ones I do not know what direction to go in! If you have some ideas let me know! I feel I want to work on a subject that I have little to no knowledge in to learn something new or I can expand on what I already know. What to do??! Have a great day lovelies. I’ll leave you with my horoscope which I find intreresting for a day like this.

Day 11: Self Love

Good morning Lovelies!

I had at great workout at my gym this morning! It felt so liberating having access to all kinds of workout equipment. I love working out at home as well but it is something about being in an atmosphere with others who are working on theirselves. Displaying self love, dedicating that time to theirselves.

Now, my daughter is having her breakfast and she just showed me that she knows how to blow her food!! 🙂 proud Mom moment. Let’s start our day with bliss and faith. Allow the universe to guide us through today. Then we’ll meet here again!

Day 10: Self Love

Hello everyone! Now that our day is coming to an end, what is something we can do for our selves before we head to bed?? Maybe heading to bed early is your self care for tonight. Well, I planned to start the mornings blogging however, today most of my self care took place this morning and afternoon. I have worked 4 days straight so I finally had the afternoon free of all obligations so of course I took advantage!

Today consisted of rebalancing, clearing and cleansing. I listened to my normal motivating videos, horoscopes and encouragments. I resigned up for my gym membership which I am so excited about! And I can bring my little one to their childcare, I’m sure she’ll be happy to engage. Then I did some grocery shopping which is always my favorite! It is something about grocery shopping that just makes me feel like I got a new pair of shoes!! And finally, I cleaned and organized the household. I always watch videos on what other moms do in a day and what kinds of organized systems they have going to make life easier and the ones I came across were awesome steals! I’m loving this amazing new work space I created for myself, which really is the clearing of load of crap on our computer desk, but now it look so modern and business like! I also checked out some amazing new recipes so stay tuned for what I make in a day. Well! That is my day in a nut shell! Now this Momma is going to relax with a glass of wine and late dinner 🙂 Happy Thursday! Oh and Thursday’s is my favorite day so what a way to make it count! Goodnight to you all!

Day 9: Self Love

I should really subject this Zuri love! Good morning everyone! I hope you all woke up feeling amazing as you have been offered another day so make it count!

My little one Zuri is still not feeling her best. Last week she came down with a cold and this week our weather has been amazingly bipolar so it is taking some time for her to fight this off. Therefore, this Momma is letting her sleep in, she normally wakes at 7 AM, while I prepare some healing comfort food! We had a bit of a rough night so this Momma slept in as well, I normally wake at 4:30 AM, I did not get out of bed until about 5:45 AM. But, I feel great and will be sharing the amazing recipes I will be preparing for her! And since I have to work, I will do my self care later this evening. I am looking forward towards shaving my body, yes this is a luxury for this Mom lol, and I will be giving myself a facial using Aztec Healing Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. And if you would like I can post pictures of that as well. Stay tuned!