Morning Start 🌞

How do you start you mornings??

Here’s how I start mines:


Morning Meditation

Lite Yoga

And Sage!

Doing so sets a peaceful tone for my day and it creates a great energy flow! Remember, you are what you attract. So if you create a loving, peaceful aura around yourself you will start to attract like minded individuals. AND the great thing is you get each day to start fresh and try something new! The change starts with you.

Peace and love to you all!

Peace Family! ☀️

Here I am on my last and final detox day!

And let me just say I feel amazing mentally and emotionally! Before this detox I felt really emotional and foggy mentally. I had a hard time with focus and concentration and even remembering. Now, I feel clear, back to my normal self and ready to pull my organization together!

Physically, I am purging so many toxins so though the headache from the first day has past I now have sinus drainage. I am no longer bloated and I even shredded a few pounds! So if you want to know the detox formula or process please ask I would gladly share with you. I actually got this method from a herbalist who knows his stuff! And he is sure to prep the body prior to in order for the body to not go into shock. Moving forward, what goals are we setting for today? What is something we can do New?

“Action is the step many forget when they wonder what happened to their dream.” Unknown

Grand Rising!! ☀️

Will anyone be catching the sunrise this morning?? I almost forgot how beautifully peaceful it is. Watching the sunrise as I set an intention for my day and express gratitude for the opportunity to see another day. Now I call that breakfast! Alongside with my ginger lemon tea of course.

Today, I embark on a new journey! As I continue to elevate to my higher self while indulging in an abunance of self love, I am confident to say I have the basics down pack! It is now time to keep progressing forward which is what this journey is all about! I can call this one Yogi Life. I am going to pursue my dreams of becoming a Yogi Instructor and Life Coach. Once that is secured there will be many other things I will becoming certified in. My plan is to become the ultimate guru of healing. But first! I must lead by example right? Though I will be certified in these things, all that is taught will come from my heart and through my experience. I believe ones who chooses to lead by heart and personal experience are usually the best teachers to learn from! Its proven results!

So the Yogi Life journey will be 21 days consisting of deep meditation, yoga, vegan eating, detoxification, cleansing of the internal body, journaling the process (personally and online), reading and consistency. I have started this morning and I can say I already feel amazing compared to my previous day. Just waking up early, watching the sunrise while having my tea after my yoga practice brought me so much life! If you want more details on the products I use or the things I find helpful along this journey please do not hesitate to ask! I will be using a 3 Week Yoga Retreat by Beach Body dvd. I have used this video when I was 3 months post partum and the results I had afterwards was tremendous! I shedded alot of weight, fast! My posture was much better, my health was amazing and most importantly my mind, body and spirit felt better. Now when it is, it does have you feeling like Oh no! What’s next?

“A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.”
-Patricia Neal

Wishing everyone a day filled with love, bliss and awareness. Peace.

Daily Mom Tips ✨

Lets talk communication! Funny way of putting it right? When it comes to building confidence within our children the best way to start is with communication. Now, you may ask how will I communicate with my 3 week old who just screams whenever he/she needs something? Or better yet with my 2 year old who is having a full out tantrum which in turn completely drains out my voice? Well we first start with patience. Take a few breaths before approaching the situation. If you become erratic it only panics the child more which causes the situation to escalate to an even more grand performance. Here are some tips I use with my daughter that helps tremendously! And just when it does not seem to matter in that moment, results seem to pour in at its devine timing. So enjoy these tips, be patience and make it a ritual then sit back and reap the benefits! Our life just got easier!

  • Involve the child(ren) in daily activities by communicating the process. This helps for all ages! 2 week old, Mommmy is changing your diaper, I wonder what it smells like. 2 year old, Mommy is loading the dishwasher and just like that we have a learning opportunity on our hands! I am sure they’ll have a load of questions and may even want to be involved in the helping process.
  • Allow the child(ren) to help! I know this is easier on days we are not rushing out the house hoping we have everything but sometimes allowing them to help may actually help us move a little faster. For example, my 13 month old loves brushing her teeth! Its new, fun and exciting. So if I am still running around the house like a headless chicken trying to get things together, I will entertain her by allowing her to start the cleaning teeth process. And with this, I have noticed that when it is my turn to help she is more willing to give me the brush. One less battle for me!
  • Lastly, offer options to your child(ren). This is HUGE and it is one of my favorites! By far the best confidence builder. Also, for all ages! I like to offer Zoe 2 options for reasons: One, she’s way too young to take on more it’ll only confuse and discourage her. Two, she gets to choose her fate! and Three, if she does not like the options offered she may decline and face the consequences without much of my interference. Not only does this build confidence but it also puts the child in control. We all LOVVE when we’re in control right? They feel as equal to us and honestly it minimizes tantrums. Hey! I am a firm believer in choosing my battles wisely. The less fuss the more fun!

So there you have it! 3 tips to follow daily that will bring positive reinforcement and behaviors within your child(ren). Also, it will save one less string of our hairs!