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Day 8: Self Love

Began each day with a plan!

This has help me tremendously become organize, with the help of having a little one too of course! I have always been a go with the flow type of girl, whereever the wind blows me that is where I will go. But things change! And change is fruitful right? Starting the day with a plan leaves no room for other things that may not serve you. It also ensures that your day does not go to waste! Being mindful means to be present and with being present it means to acknowledge the beauty of time. Each minute matters. Now that my break from classes has come to an end, it is time to execute a new daily plan. Once you do this, you then realize how much time in the day there really is! Even with all obligations you still have time to do absolutely nothing or to do something you did not have time for before! So what is your plan for today? From sunrise to sun fall. Make it count!

Stay tuned for my morning routine and smoothie recipe!

Day 7: Self Love

Hi Lovelies!!! Had to recuperate Day 6 but now I’m back! Day 7 came with so many beautiful blessings and lessons and it reassured Day 6! I started classes today! I’m setting schedules, plans and goals with ease. Things are taking off in so many directions but in all awesome ways. Keep showing love and support it is much needed! Today I want you all to leave with this

Day 5: Self Love

Today was about stepping outside of my comfort zone and treating myself. When it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone, I chose to speak up for myself and stand firm in what I need in order to feel secure. I am not a confrontational girl. I would actually do anything to avoid it, even if that means not expressing my true feelings. And I did so with my child’s Father.

It’s hard being a single Mom in today’s society. And it’s even harder when the responsibilities are not equal and if the support and communication are not there. A mother number one job is to protect and then provide. So, in order to eliminate the frustration and drama I choose to not speak at times however this one weighed heavy on my heart and it involved the safety and well being of our child. So even though I ruffled a few feathers I feel great to have had the courage to speak out. And to realize that my concerns are valid and I can make the proper decisions as necessary. It became more about logic + reasoning rather than emotions.

To follow with that, I treated myself to some much need pampering. I got a haircut and got my nails and feet done. Reminding myself to always be gentle and know that I am worthy and deserving. Affirming myself of these things allowed my spirits and mind to stay elevated and positive. #SelfLove

To The Love of My Life

1 year ago today I went through the toughest experience in my life that would change things forever. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl! Not knowing if I was going to make it after, God not only blessed me with another day but another year!

I thank you for choosing me Zuri. You changed my life for the better, now I can not imagine life without you. Mommy will continue to show you a better life. To show you that you can do anything you aspire to do. There is no limit to your dreams And no dream is too big. I will support you, love you and care for you always. I will teach you how to love all people starting with yourself. I will walk side by side with you, helping you up when you fall and holding you during your most toughest times. Zuri baby, you are my world. It’s you that keeps me going when I feel like I want to give up. There is no love greater than the love I have for you baby. Happy 1 year birthday my Princess!

Day 2: Self Love

Ok! Day 2 was quite the interesting one. I woke up at about 4:30 AM feeling a little sluggish. I decided at about 5:30 AM to go out for a walk, get some fresh air. Feeling the ground, the crisp air and listening to the city move liberated me. Feeling great, I came back in and meditated. I was able to practice stillness of the physical and mental for 15 minutes!!! If you know how hard meditating can be then you can feel my excitement!

After work, I thought of going to yoga however the physical was not up for it. I then listened to my horoscope which inspired me to make a video! I spent 1 hour making the video and 2 hours trying to upload. It still has not yet uploaded to any sites unfortunately, but I’m still excited I had the courage to do it!! I will not let the force stop me!! Stay tuned for that video and I’ll be back tomorrow. Good night lovelies!

Day 1: Self Love

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I’m sending many blessings for the year ahead. As the night comes to an end, what will you do for self care tonight??

Once baby went down for bed, I ran a nice hot bubble bath with some epsom salt and essential oils. Used natural lighting by burning candles. Lit an incense for a nice woodsy smell while I soaked and listened to an audio book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I feel relaxed, present and tired. Good night to you all! I will be back with something new tomorrow!