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Full Moon Vibes ðŸŒ

How is everyone feeling during this transitional time?

Do you notice any energetic differences or weird vibes? Did you set your intentions going forward with this full moon? Well guess what! I didn’t and man are the lessons coming full force. Everything buried down under is surfacing uncontrollably. Forcing me to surrender and let go. Writing has been helping me a lot. However this is my opportunity to finally let go of ideals and control in order to unlock my true power.

During this time I will be meditating daily and taking time for the self during this sensitive time. The learning never stops, growth is continually happening.

Peace and Love ❤️

Consistency Frequently 🦋

So this weekend was very eventful which came with many lessons 💛

I learned that we have to go hard on the things we truly want for ourselves. You have to change your outlook/perspective to see the beauty of your goals. Yeah it takes work but what does it look like in the end? Have faith in yourself and the process. Believe that you are the achiever of your manifestations.

Be consistent

Have faith

Keep an open mind

Keep an open heart

Give, give and Give!

Love unconditionally

And be patient 🌸

My greatest shortcoming was consistency. I have processed this for quite some time.. But accepting it, is what happened this weekend. Being consistent with your goals sends messages to our subconscious to manifest these things that we really want for ourselves as our new reality. The mind follows the commands of what it is fed. If you set a clear and realistic goal for yourself and every single day you are striving to meet this goal, your mind will automatically shift perspectives and operate strictly in the manner you need it to in order to meet this goal. So when you are feeling scattered, rushed, confused or unmotivated it’s because you are either not setting realistic goals or you are not be consistent with the goals you have set.

So with that being said, I have 2 goals in mind and I’m not going to allow fear or anything else to get in the way! Not even REJECTION. I know what I want and I’m going to work for it. And if I put in the work and it does not work out the way I saw it then THANK YOU UNIVERSE, the message is clear that it was never meant to be.

Trust the process!

Peace and love to you all 💛

Being A Mom ðŸŒ¹

Being a Mom is truly a learning experience. Each day there’s a new development, a new sense of life. But do anyone discuss the hard times? The times where you just wonder about giving up. The times where you have not had sleep in days?

Children do not come with a manual. Even though we have internet access and countless parenting books out there, the true learning begins with each experience. We have a connection with our children that runs very deep soulfully. So deep that no doctor, nurse, teacher, or family member would ever come close to. We know in our hearts and spirit what our children want, needs and lack. And I say that to encourage EVERY Parent out there to go within for answers. Feel that connection with your children. Create a bond that runs intimately deep. Set boundaries, not limitations. Allow your children to explore the world in a way that’s most natural to them! Who cares if that means running through the grocery store or stopping to look at each flower in the grass. Their curiosity deserves to be fed! That’s how you teach without teaching.

My little one is 19 months now and she is truly a miracle baby. She’s extraordinary! So full of life, love and happiness. All I do is show her the world and allow her to explore. I speak to her. If she ask, I answer her. If she ask, I help her. I say if she ask because we sometimes intervene when it’s not even necessary. We must respect their boundaries while protecting their energy. And the most important part…. LOVE. Feed love to your child(ren) every single chance you get! And I promise you’ll be astonished by their results! ❤️

Peace and love to you all!

Morning Start 🌞

How do you start you mornings??

Here’s how I start mines:


Morning Meditation

Lite Yoga

And Sage!

Doing so sets a peaceful tone for my day and it creates a great energy flow! Remember, you are what you attract. So if you create a loving, peaceful aura around yourself you will start to attract like minded individuals. AND the great thing is you get each day to start fresh and try something new! The change starts with you.

Peace and love to you all!

Peace Family! ☀️

Here I am on my last and final detox day!

And let me just say I feel amazing mentally and emotionally! Before this detox I felt really emotional and foggy mentally. I had a hard time with focus and concentration and even remembering. Now, I feel clear, back to my normal self and ready to pull my organization together!

Physically, I am purging so many toxins so though the headache from the first day has past I now have sinus drainage. I am no longer bloated and I even shredded a few pounds! So if you want to know the detox formula or process please ask I would gladly share with you. I actually got this method from a herbalist who knows his stuff! And he is sure to prep the body prior to in order for the body to not go into shock. Moving forward, what goals are we setting for today? What is something we can do New?

“Action is the step many forget when they wonder what happened to their dream.” Unknown