What A Flow: EMBRACE

Ever became frustrated when you planned for something to work out a particular way yet instead received completely different results?

I’m sure we have all had this happen before. It was not long before I realized that this will be one of my biggest challenges yet.

Often times you hear people say, “let go” or “allow things to happen naturally” but we all know this is much easier said than done. I could have been crowned Queen of control. Any way I saw fit, I would try to make the situation what I wanted it to be. Then something weird happened.. I started noticing the odds working against me which caused me to suffer severely with distorted perception.

Now at this point fear has found a semi permanent home in the mind, trust became a distant cousin and I felt restricted from the resources the Universe seemed to so easily offer everyone else. I could not believe that I have BEEN putting and STILL is all the time and dedication to building and healing myself for me only to feel I am back at square one! With LOTS of inner work, shadow work and time to reflect I came to a conclusion. There was one problem in this particular situation; I was forcing the nature of things. Instead of trusting and allowing the Universe to run its course, I was stressing with working against it. It’s similar to our climate issues. If we (the people) could allow nature to run its course than perhaps we wouldn’t have climate issues. But instead, we tamper with it, experiment with it and pollute it.

When it comes to obtaining the peaceful life we all yearn for it takes surrendering. Surrender to the unknown, surrender to the changes, surrender to the challenges. We are not always going to understand why it happened nor is it about the why. It’s about how can I adapt, what can I learn from this. Once I shifted my perspective, my sight became clear, my stress started to dissipate and my appreciation became greater. Allow the flow! Appreciate the flow and most of all love the flow 💛

Peace and blessings my beautiful beings💫

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