⚛️Tune In With Self ⚛️

Don’t allow fear to jeopardize your happiness, You risk the potential of unfulfilling your souls purpose.


We are the creators of our inner world. I once read something that said, “The soul builds its own house.” Which is true! During our time in the womb our soul creates an earthly vehicle (the body) that fits its soul purpose on this earth. Overtime we loose touch with this sense of spirituality, becoming captivated by the materialistic world around us. However, our soul never forgets and our body temple reflects this. Its purpose is instilled, whether we choose to ignore it or not. When we choose to ignore it we become in a state of dis-ease, sickness. This is our body communicating to us the conflict between what we are doing and what we should be doing (our purpose).

When we are in the state of dis-ease (sickness) our immediate response is to run to a health professional. We’ve been conditioned to accept that “they know more than we do.” However, you are the creator of the mind, body and soul. Perhaps instead next time you are in a state of ‘sickness’ go within. No lab test can explain to you the root of your sickness, the software is simply not engineered for that. You may have a failing liver but the underlying issue could be severe emotional issues, stress. Not because you drink too much. The root (emotional issues or stress) causes the drinking (escapism). Don’t be afraid to go deeper. Trust in yourself, guide yourself, the kingdom of heaven is within you, become in tune.

For whom this message is for,

I was inclined to deliver this message in particular. When you become in tune with self, your whole self, mind, body and soul you began to recognize in which ways the Universe communicates. Awaken yourself.

Love, light and peace 🌼🌞