Daily Archives: January 20, 2020

When You’re Equipped With Knowledge and Self-Assurance, 5 Things Will Happen

Have you ever wondered why certain situations, people or events pan out the way they do? And why those things don’t work out how you expected it?

We are all aware to some extinct the power is in God, the Universe and the Devine of time. But let me say this, perhaps we should dive deeper and acknowledge the power of our own existence or being.

Every second of our lives is premeditated. The lessons and challenges we face on the daily is a voluntary contract signed by us. What I mean by that is we are the dictators of our lives, we control much more of our lives than we accredit ourselves for. The Universe role in our circumstances or lives is simple. Our Uni offers guidance by supplying consequences for each thought and action taken by us, however we are the initiators. The Universe follows our lead in observance to see where help can be useful.

With that being said, having this clear understanding of self and metaphysics, will enhance the quality of our lives by raising our awareness to true conscious living. With this basic sense of awareness, accountability and comprehension of self you will see 5 yet subtle but major shifts within your life.

  1. You will acquire a great sense of empathy for yourself and others
  2. Truth would be your only option. You will no longer be enslaved to false realities
  3. You will loose people who you were once close to
  4. You will experience daily confirmations through signs, synchronies and manifestations
  5. Your challenges will become less of a threat and more of a blessing.

What’s not meant for you will be removed.

-Rooted By Nature

In conclusion, awareness of these 5 tips will help you understand that things need to happen this way in order for you to grow. Nature will not survive without your purposeful role on this Earth. Make it count! Choose joy over sorrow, peace over war and love over all.