Consistency Frequently 🦋

So this weekend was very eventful which came with many lessons 💛

I learned that we have to go hard on the things we truly want for ourselves. You have to change your outlook/perspective to see the beauty of your goals. Yeah it takes work but what does it look like in the end? Have faith in yourself and the process. Believe that you are the achiever of your manifestations.

Be consistent

Have faith

Keep an open mind

Keep an open heart

Give, give and Give!

Love unconditionally

And be patient 🌸

My greatest shortcoming was consistency. I have processed this for quite some time.. But accepting it, is what happened this weekend. Being consistent with your goals sends messages to our subconscious to manifest these things that we really want for ourselves as our new reality. The mind follows the commands of what it is fed. If you set a clear and realistic goal for yourself and every single day you are striving to meet this goal, your mind will automatically shift perspectives and operate strictly in the manner you need it to in order to meet this goal. So when you are feeling scattered, rushed, confused or unmotivated it’s because you are either not setting realistic goals or you are not be consistent with the goals you have set.

So with that being said, I have 2 goals in mind and I’m not going to allow fear or anything else to get in the way! Not even REJECTION. I know what I want and I’m going to work for it. And if I put in the work and it does not work out the way I saw it then THANK YOU UNIVERSE, the message is clear that it was never meant to be.

Trust the process!

Peace and love to you all 💛