Peace Family! ☀️

Here I am on my last and final detox day!

And let me just say I feel amazing mentally and emotionally! Before this detox I felt really emotional and foggy mentally. I had a hard time with focus and concentration and even remembering. Now, I feel clear, back to my normal self and ready to pull my organization together!

Physically, I am purging so many toxins so though the headache from the first day has past I now have sinus drainage. I am no longer bloated and I even shredded a few pounds! So if you want to know the detox formula or process please ask I would gladly share with you. I actually got this method from a herbalist who knows his stuff! And he is sure to prep the body prior to in order for the body to not go into shock. Moving forward, what goals are we setting for today? What is something we can do New?

“Action is the step many forget when they wonder what happened to their dream.” Unknown