Creating Harmony

Hello All!

I totally thought Day 31 was posted on its actual day so my apologies. I must update WordPress on my phone that way it could convert the images and gifs to its proper dimensions.

More over! How is every one feeling this morning? Are we ready to kick off awesomeness this week? What are some focus areas this week?

I want to discuss the beauty of harmony. Something I have noticed at the close of last week is how disrupted my spirits were when I was in resistance to certain people, things or principles. A little of it was subconscious in regards to the root of that feeling but some of this I was consciously aware of rather choosing to ignore it. So let me dive it. Lately, I have been feeling exhausted, imbalanced and awkawardly experiecing random spikes of irritability. I say awkward because it comes with no regard and it would make me feel uncomfortable. So after much meditation, yoga and I even went to church, and still clarity for this issue was not coming through. Well, I then went to a seminar discussing health, astrology and the scientific make up of our bodies. It was not until then it came very clear. I had a brief reading done at this seminar and though these were things I heard before, it was not until the 3 rd time, a 3 rd person perspective it clicked!

So, I’ll give you the details. The spiritual therapist/life coach explained to me; I have the tendency to internalize thoughts and emotions without speaking about them. I do not express my true feelings with people which in return could cause major health concerns. Instead of letting others know I am angry or this made me feel this way because… I internalize it and choose to not speak. I am also queen for waiting for the perfect times to do and say things. Something I should work on because if I keep waiting I may not ever achieve or reach my full potential. In regards to the health concerns, I would be at high risk of auto immune disease and breast cancer.’

Now let me just say this. One this guy has not even gotten my name yet and two, I have heard this through many other forums so it did not scare or suprise me at all. What it did do was awake the sleeping bear!! I have been asking for clarity and this was it all along with alot of other things we all discussed health wise. So I conclude by saying, in order to create harmony in your life or through particular situations you must incorporate these tips:

  • First open your mind and heart. You must not oppose or resist anything as you may miss your opportunity.
  • Drink lots of water!! Dehydration is the main cause of energy depletion. Your body needs water to break down components within the body to create space and detox waste.
  • A balanced diet. You must unclog your body from all junk. The body needs high electric foods to function properly. Stock on fruits and veggies!
  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals with higher vibrations. Other energies can be contagious especially negative ones. In order to not get infected by those lower vibrations, you must detach from those types of people. Surround yourself with joyful, inspirational and productive individuals, people you can learn things from. Individuals who could have you tapping into your creativeness.
  • Finally, you must LET GO. Let go of past mistakes, regrets, control, feelings of hopelessness etc. Let go of things that do not serve a positive purpose in your life.

I finally let go of something that really dragged me down. I stop resisting and tapped into the logistics of it. And it all happened by communicating.. something that obviously was hard for me. When I tell you, instant relief, words can’t explain!

Something that caused a lot of caos to my life, was ironed out by my harmonious approach to surrender and Most importantly I feel amazing. My daughter and I took a walk today to since it was finally warm enough to get out. We both appreciated the fresh serene air. I hope this encourage you all the create that bliss you need in order to strive. Here’s some awesome pictures and please enjoy your day! ❤️