Day 29: Self Love | Updates

Hii Everyone!!

It’s been foreveerr. I’ve been behind the scenes creating great plans for myself. This Self Love journey has taught me so much about myself and what I truly want in my life. With that, I am so graciously humble that I embraced my desires by sharing with you all. The feedback and the criticism helped a lot!! So thank you all, as I hope that I helped you in one way or another as well.

The past few days….

So I have been really in observation of myself. And what I learned is that I’m releasing lots of old baggage, healing in the midst, facing my flaws instead of being in denial of them and taking account. Through all of this I have noticed what triggers me to make me either become defensive or upset. I’ve faced my insecurities and controlling nature by first owning them, saying them out loud and finding ways to reverse them. Rather it be through affirmations, meditating, praying or writing them down. Things that use to deplete my energy or serve a negative purpose are no longer affecting me in that way it used to. But those things are still triggers right?? So now when I become trigger I allow whatever initial emotion I have internally to run its course. Then I affirm myself through the activities listed above that I am no longer those things. I speak my future as if it is now and it comforts me to see myself step into my success role. During this high sensitive time, I understand that I must be patient and gentle with myself. I had to allow myself the time I need by creating space. Listen to what my physical body and spiritual needs. I had to support myself. And most importantly allow others to help and love me.

The next steps,

So I want to keep you all updated on where I will go from here with the hopes that I will still have your support as I transition. This blog will soon transition into ‘MomLifeWithAireal’. I will still discuss spiritual, emotional and mental uplifting just with a twist. Though my main focus is the parenting squad I understand that no matter the role healing ourselves will be of widespread. There will be more cool things on this blog and I will dedicate my time consistently into this blog. I will be creative, fun and informing. I will also be uploading videos consistently to YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat! I will be sure to drop all the links once I get everything up and running. I will also include my Pinterest that way I can share where I get my cool ideas from. I will discuss craft ideas, recipes for children and adults, how to organize, creating schedules, frugal living, shopping on a budget, budgeting and many more! It’ll take some time to get everything up and running so give me a few weeks. In the meantime I will still try to post here. Thank you all in advance and I hope you all continue this journey with me. Have an amazing day! And remember your uniqueness adds color to this world!

I’ll leave you with amazing quotes.