Day: 22 Self Love |Organizing

Good morning my Blissful Butterflies!!

What are some things you must have in order to function properly in the society??? Are you even an organizer?

So let me first say, I crowned myself Queen of going with the flow! Where the wind blows me that’s where I’ll go. UNTIL……. I became a Mom and that motto did not work! It called for serious order to even make it out the door at least just 5 minutes late. 🙂 yeah not always on time here. BUT…!.. something that helped was organizing! My first organized task was creating schedules for my daughter and I. Major difference and helped tremendously. My daughter knows what to expect throughout her day and so do I. She will actually remind me at times! Lol

Then, I started to organize and prep meals. I typically prep meals on Saturday as we start fresh on Sunday’s. We have organized trays of meals, fruits, veggies in the fridge and one outside full of dry snacks to make it easier to grab and go! While I’m working, my Parents can also grab something for my little one to feed and their not all confused. Now! Consistency is key! We have to stay on top of it. So, this week I will be updating/revising schedules, labeling and organizing. I’ve got some really cool organizing ideas that i will share with you all over the next few weeks. Once I transition, I plan to do more videos which will be much easier than typing and uploading photos.

So, what can you organize to help you move more fluently and stress free!? If you have cool ideas please share!! I’m always looking for ways to make life easier. Later lovelies!