Day 21: Self Love | Helping Others Helped Me

You read it!! Hi lovelies.

Today was another productive one. I want to apologize in advance for the random posting times. I try posting by noon sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and it comes out in the evening. Bare with me here!

I’m so excited to share my experiences today. Even though it was simplistic gestures, the feeling of joyed that filled me was priceless. So, right before my day started i meditated. Rolled out of bed and meditated, surprisingly did not fall asleep lol. I noticed later in the morning that everything seemed to move fluently, almost in sync. Zoe and I had some morning fun, I hit the gym while she napped then went off to work.

Let’s talk about my interactions in the midst of it all. The first, was with a friend of mines. Bright early vibe. We spoke about our journeys, goals, struggles and feelings. We brought comfort and clarification to one another and even though we haven’t talked in months it felt like we just spoke yesterday. Second, was with my 2nd Dad. We had a really good talk, I felt so comfortable expressing myself and in my current position period. I was able to speak my truth authentically as we spoke about boundaries, family and etc. Third, was at my gym. I politely gave a smile to people and next thing you know we’re engaging and on first name basis. I go to work, smile and engage with my passengers then I get a comment from one stating, “you’re so happy! I love it.” The point I am making is that small gestures as in offering a smile, a little bit of extra time to engage and listen to others can make someone’s world! They would never forget a beautiful heart. Through all those interactions I felt the genuineness of appreciate through their feedback and communication. All I did was offer a little extra time and attention. I was present with them and sincerely interested in them. By helping them, it helped me feel great and enjoy my day. I share this with you all in hopes that you would try this one day and to actually feel these things for yourself. Peace, love and prosperity to you. Goodnight!