Day: 20 Self Love| Actualization

Hello all!

How’s everyone? Truly, without an auto pilot answer?

This morning for me started a bit rough. I’m learning so much about my self as life continues to push forward that I can get a bit overwhelmed by it all. Usually that feeling comes because I’m not standing in my truth or going with my gut. Check me out! I’m able to recognize these flaws which is great because it’s clarification of progress. Clarification that I am truly getting to know myself, I am being aware and present with myself and I am taking care when I have these moments.

So this morning, during this moment I kept to myself in observation of my feelings. Trying my best to control myself as I interact with others. I prayed twice, then listened to some Ted Talks and with those two, I was able to come to a common ground and uplift my spirits. I feel back on track with myself and understand the truths of my journey. Stay in routine right!?

Below I’ll share the link to one of the Ted Talk videos I listened to as it helped me significantly. I want you all to understand that we will have our bad days, some more than others. Use those days to learn about yourself and why it feels the way it does to you. Practice doing your self care regimens, whatever lift your spirits and display your new attitude to the world! Good day Lovelies!