Day 18: Self Love | Universal Signs | Acknowledgments | Viewer’s Choice

Hii everyone!! So it’s been 2 days since I’ve blogged and I have soo much for you all.

First, I originally took 2 days to film however that did not get done. I was so exhausted from such a long emotional and physical week that i decided to listen to my body and just rest! I literally lounged around, spent time with my babe, ate and studied. Lots of prayer and meditation as well.

Through prayer and meditation I received great clarification on my aspirations and goals. And I have came to the conclusion that after my 30 day self love journey I will transition over to a Mom life blog. I will be sharing parenting tips, daily routines I do with my daughter, craft ideas, minimalist tips, baby/toddler recipes, and lots of encouragement to all Mother’s!! Being a Mom is a major part of my life and it has changed me in major ways. It’s challenging, rewarding, fun, scary all in one but most importantly it’s the best part of my life. I can talk endless about my daughter and parenting. I believe that is my true passion. I want to encourage Mothers to keep up the great work no matter the feedback. This has also came to me 3 different times through universal signs and what they say?? 3 rd times the charm!!!

It feels great to come to this conclusion. I am excited to share with you all and I’ll be able to vlog more this way.

Second, a viewer has asked, “how do I incorporate mindfulness in unexpected situations?” When something unexpected occurs I always first observe my feelings. How do I feel and why is it making me feel this way? By acknowledging those thoughts and feelings it brings awareness to the self. Which means you are now present or mindful. Now only you have control over what happens next. Are you to upset or hurt? If so, take a break to breath, speak affirmations, pray etc then address the problem. No one is in the clear mind when upset or hurt and by acknowledging this alone brings the painful feeling to a minimum. You must take self care. Understand some things are not in our control however the way we choose to react is.