Day 14: Self Love | Realization

Something has been on my heart all morning that I would like to share with you all. I could not stop thinking about it, and then I decided to read my daily motivational quotes. The quote then read exactly what was on my mind which brought me clarification to share with you all, as someone else may need to hear this.

I posted a quote earlier this morning about choices and following your path. Everything in life comes with a choice. So in my opinion, we have much more control over things in our life than we realize. Even unexpectancy comes with a choice; how will you respond or react? We must first realize our true powers in order to take our power back. What I mean by that is; cherish yourself so much that no one has the power to knock you off your path no matter what they do. We are going to come across obstacles, road blocks and distractions but you must choose what is allowed and what is not allowed. For example, if you know criticism from others gets you really upset, first you have to ask yourself what it is that makes you upset. Is it their tone, their deliverance or the message itself? Then you must make a choice. Now that you have realized this about yourself will you allow it to control your reactions every time? No! We must pick and choose our battles. If we allow everyone who criticizes us to make us angry then we will be completely depleted of energy by the end of the day. Your energy is precious and you must regulate it properly in order to be healthy.

What are some things we can do instead? We can listen to the criticism and instead of getting angry really listen to what this person is trying to say. Have you heard it more than once? Does the person who is delivering the message come from a place of love or evil intent? Once you have answered all these questions than it is up to you to decide how to respond. If you truly feel this person intention are bad then it should be easy to control how you react because why give them the satisfaction? That is their point, to get you upset. If it comes from a place of love then it may be something you need to hear and perhaps your real issue is resistance. Please reserve that precious energy my blissful butterflies! There are going to be things that are just not worth our time but is rather a distraction to keep us on the devils playground. When you are doing well it will try to come through all different forms. Know this and stop it right in its track. Start taking your power back. Live your life however you see it. Do not let anyone deter you away from your goals and dreams. No goal is unattainable and no dream is too big. Keep living, keep spreading love, even to those who seem unworthy of your love as they may need it the most and continue on your individual plan of bliss. I’m wishing you all a wonderful day and we will check back tomorrow!