Day 12: Self Love

Good morning everyone! How is everyone feeling on this gloomed Saturday? Well I’m feeling great. My little one is now at her wits end with her cold, pretty much gone! She is eating everything now! And me, I had an awesome 2 days off so far I got so much done and still had time fun. Here we are on day 3 and I have a few things on the agenda: prepping food for the week, homework and…. I have a date! Like a real date! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I met this guy randomly 2 months ago and we’ve been talking here and there. He actually asked for a date a while ago but I put it off. This time I said yes! He made all the plans so this should be interesting and fun! Something new. So for my self love today I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and accepting an offer of adventure with open mindedness. Oh! and though I shaved the other day I did not do my facial. Therefore, my Mom and I will be doing facials together this afternoon!

On another note for class, I have to choose a science topic to do a project on and there are so many great ones I do not know what direction to go in! If you have some ideas let me know! I feel I want to work on a subject that I have little to no knowledge in to learn something new or I can expand on what I already know. What to do??! Have a great day lovelies. I’ll leave you with my horoscope which I find intreresting for a day like this.