Day 10: Self Love

Hello everyone! Now that our day is coming to an end, what is something we can do for our selves before we head to bed?? Maybe heading to bed early is your self care for tonight. Well, I planned to start the mornings blogging however, today most of my self care took place this morning and afternoon. I have worked 4 days straight so I finally had the afternoon free of all obligations so of course I took advantage!

Today consisted of rebalancing, clearing and cleansing. I listened to my normal motivating videos, horoscopes and encouragments. I resigned up for my gym membership which I am so excited about! And I can bring my little one to their childcare, I’m sure she’ll be happy to engage. Then I did some grocery shopping which is always my favorite! It is something about grocery shopping that just makes me feel like I got a new pair of shoes!! And finally, I cleaned and organized the household. I always watch videos on what other moms do in a day and what kinds of organized systems they have going to make life easier and the ones I came across were awesome steals! I’m loving this amazing new work space I created for myself, which really is the clearing of load of crap on our computer desk, but now it look so modern and business like! I also checked out some amazing new recipes so stay tuned for what I make in a day. Well! That is my day in a nut shell! Now this Momma is going to relax with a glass of wine and late dinner 🙂 Happy Thursday! Oh and Thursday’s is my favorite day so what a way to make it count! Goodnight to you all!