Day 9: Self Love

I should really subject this Zuri love! Good morning everyone! I hope you all woke up feeling amazing as you have been offered another day so make it count!

My little one Zuri is still not feeling her best. Last week she came down with a cold and this week our weather has been amazingly bipolar so it is taking some time for her to fight this off. Therefore, this Momma is letting her sleep in, she normally wakes at 7 AM, while I prepare some healing comfort food! We had a bit of a rough night so this Momma slept in as well, I normally wake at 4:30 AM, I did not get out of bed until about 5:45 AM. But, I feel great and will be sharing the amazing recipes I will be preparing for her! And since I have to work, I will do my self care later this evening. I am looking forward towards shaving my body, yes this is a luxury for this Mom lol, and I will be giving myself a facial using Aztec Healing Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. And if you would like I can post pictures of that as well. Stay tuned!