Day 8: Self Love

Began each day with a plan!

This has help me tremendously become organize, with the help of having a little one too of course! I have always been a go with the flow type of girl, whereever the wind blows me that is where I will go. But things change! And change is fruitful right? Starting the day with a plan leaves no room for other things that may not serve you. It also ensures that your day does not go to waste! Being mindful means to be present and with being present it means to acknowledge the beauty of time. Each minute matters. Now that my break from classes has come to an end, it is time to execute a new daily plan. Once you do this, you then realize how much time in the day there really is! Even with all obligations you still have time to do absolutely nothing or to do something you did not have time for before! So what is your plan for today? From sunrise to sun fall. Make it count!

Stay tuned for my morning routine and smoothie recipe!