Day 5: Self Love

Today was about stepping outside of my comfort zone and treating myself. When it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone, I chose to speak up for myself and stand firm in what I need in order to feel secure. I am not a confrontational girl. I would actually do anything to avoid it, even if that means not expressing my true feelings. And I did so with my child’s Father.

It’s hard being a single Mom in today’s society. And it’s even harder when the responsibilities are not equal and if the support and communication are not there. A mother number one job is to protect and then provide. So, in order to eliminate the frustration and drama I choose to not speak at times however this one weighed heavy on my heart and it involved the safety and well being of our child. So even though I ruffled a few feathers I feel great to have had the courage to speak out. And to realize that my concerns are valid and I can make the proper decisions as necessary. It became more about logic + reasoning rather than emotions.

To follow with that, I treated myself to some much need pampering. I got a haircut and got my nails and feet done. Reminding myself to always be gentle and know that I am worthy and deserving. Affirming myself of these things allowed my spirits and mind to stay elevated and positive. #SelfLove