Day 2: Self Love

Ok! Day 2 was quite the interesting one. I woke up at about 4:30 AM feeling a little sluggish. I decided at about 5:30 AM to go out for a walk, get some fresh air. Feeling the ground, the crisp air and listening to the city move liberated me. Feeling great, I came back in and meditated. I was able to practice stillness of the physical and mental for 15 minutes!!! If you know how hard meditating can be then you can feel my excitement!

After work, I thought of going to yoga however the physical was not up for it. I then listened to my horoscope which inspired me to make a video! I spent 1 hour making the video and 2 hours trying to upload. It still has not yet uploaded to any sites unfortunately, but I’m still excited I had the courage to do it!! I will not let the force stop me!! Stay tuned for that video and I’ll be back tomorrow. Good night lovelies!