When You’re Equipped With Knowledge and Self-Assurance, 5 Things Will Happen

Have you ever wondered why certain situations, people or events pan out the way they do? And why those things don’t work out how you expected it?

We are all aware to some extinct the power is in God, the Universe and the Devine of time. But let me say this, perhaps we should dive deeper and acknowledge the power of our own existence or being.

Every second of our lives is premeditated. The lessons and challenges we face on the daily is a voluntary contract signed by us. What I mean by that is we are the dictators of our lives, we control much more of our lives than we accredit ourselves for. The Universe role in our circumstances or lives is simple. Our Uni offers guidance by supplying consequences for each thought and action taken by us, however we are the initiators. The Universe follows our lead in observance to see where help can be useful.

With that being said, having this clear understanding of self and metaphysics, will enhance the quality of our lives by raising our awareness to true conscious living. With this basic sense of awareness, accountability and comprehension of self you will see 5 yet subtle but major shifts within your life.

  1. You will acquire a great sense of empathy for yourself and others
  2. Truth would be your only option. You will no longer be enslaved to false realities
  3. You will loose people who you were once close to
  4. You will experience daily confirmations through signs, synchronies and manifestations
  5. Your challenges will become less of a threat and more of a blessing.

What’s not meant for you will be removed.

-Rooted By Nature

In conclusion, awareness of these 5 tips will help you understand that things need to happen this way in order for you to grow. Nature will not survive without your purposeful role on this Earth. Make it count! Choose joy over sorrow, peace over war and love over all.

HomeMade Books For Toddlers 🖍

With books becoming more and more expensive, there are times we do not always have the resources to supply or we simply do not know which books to start with!

Here is an idea I came up with during Zuri’s infant years. I absolutely loved reading to her and even though we had a pile of awesome books I wanted something special and tailored to her personally. So what better way then to create a book about her life and the loved ones in it! With the idea in mind that she will be able to relate, connect and recognize. So I printed off pictures of her over the months and her family. I simply went to my local CVS pharmacy and printed 20 pictures for $5. I was able to create this order online then picked them up when I was notified they were ready.

I was a preschool teacher for 4 years therefore I’ve always kept little crafty nic nacs around the house, one essential being construction paper. If you do not have construction paper, you may purchase a pack at your local dollar store, 20pages sometimes more for only $1. I purchased some glue sticks also $1 and got to work! Zuri was around 6 months when I created this book so I did choose to get it laminated for eating, slob and tearing purposes.

This book helped Zoe identify members of her family and most importantly herself! She is now 24 months of age and this is still one of her favorite books, only this time she is reading to me ☺️

Here’s a list of tools I used to create her book and where you may be able to find these items dependent upon state:

  • Construction paper- $1 for a pack of 20 or pages or more
  • Glue sticks- $1 for a pack of 2 or 4
  • Hole puncher- $1 for handheld
  • Key rings- $1 for a pack of 10 (if I remember correctly)

I did get this book laminated at Fed Ex shipping center for $15-20. The cost varies on the number of pages. These are the simple essentials you would need to create homemade books. Now, for toddler aged humans I recommend getting a bunch of random craft items from the dollar store, set them out then allow their creativity and imagination to run wild!

Now if your child is of age to comprehend basic communication I highly reccommend engaging them in the book making process. Discuss with them what they would like their book to be about, what items you may need to create it then take them to the store and allow them to shop for those items. Each activity with your child should be a bonding experience. You learn so much by just observing and engaging with your little one. It builds closeness, confidence and self assurance within your little one knowing they are loved and supported.

🧩Puzzle Time🧩

💫This is the first time I have seen this little human take time out to focus her concentration on this activity in particular. I was very proud to see her utilize problem solving skills, hand eye coordination and focused concentration. She intently looked at each piece then look onto the board for its match. And when she could not fit the piece perfectly into its spot, she continued to try without becoming frustrated (trial and error). Wow! It’s the small things you appreciate as a Parent💫

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How Often Do You Read To Your Little Human(s)?

Reading early on helps develop your little one’s brain stimulating great curiosity and imagination. It also assist in the development of language, comprehension, social and communication skills. Not to mention it is a great way to bond with your little one!

Bonding creates intimacy, intimacy encourages positive growth and development. We are here as a guide for our little ones, seize the opportunity to teach them all the things we did not know. And by teach, I mean lead. The best teachers are the ones who lead by example.

I once saw a movie called the The Ultimate Gift. In the movie it discusses 12 gifts that are vital to our success and well-being. The gifts are as followed:

  • The gift of work
  • The gift of money
  • The gift of friends
  • The gift of learning
  • The gift of problems
  • The gift of family
  • The gift of laughter
  • The gift of dreams
  • The gift of giving
  • The gift of gratitude
  • The gift of a day
  • The gift of love

Guiding your little one with this awareness will indoctrinate appreciation for the things we take for granted daily. No longer would we be creating a cycle of greed but one of love, understanding, kindness and gratitude. Attack the mind with positive principles while they are young. Plant the seed and that flower shall make you very proud! I’ve been reading to my little one since she was a seedling in the womb and by the age of 18 months she was starting to read on her own. I speak to her like a human of equal therefore her level of comprehension is beyond impressive. All these small seeds were planted while she was in the womb and I am astonished by the results. Break the cycle, you can do it!

Tonight’s Dinner, Today’s Video 🚨😋

Tonight’s dinner: Vegetable Ramen with a side of Kale Caesar Salad 🥗 Ms. Sticky fingers could not wait to chow down, ahhh what a great photo bomb ❤️

As of more news, don’t forget to check out our video we posted today! We were so happy to share Zuri’s 2nd birthday with you all! She had such an amazing time, everything was just perfect as it was simple. Video link below 👇🏽, enjoy!


All natural and handmade products

Enjoy some of these amazing products that I use for my toddler and I. I have been personally using black soap and shea butter for my skin for years and started using the same on my toddler shortly after birth. I noticed my daughter’s skin was super sensative and would develop a rash almost instantly, so I started using the same remedies I use for my skin. From there her skin started to thrive!

I created the hair oil 6 months post-partum after suffering post baby hair loss. My daughter hair too started to thin and shed badly due to lack of moisture. After doing my research I created my own concoction of oils specifically for our hair textures. Now, we do have 2 different hair textures so I had to make one for me and a separate one for her. Now, our hair is thriving, moisturized and growing!

All products below are completely pure, natural, organic and safe to use for all types of skin and hair.

100% Raw African Shea Butter

Great for: Skin toning, Anti-aging agent, Reduces inflammation, Treats achne and blemishes, Mosturizes dry skin, Relieves ezcema symptoms, Reduces stretch marks and Restores skin elasticity. Ingrdients:Raw Shea Butter


Black Soap

Great for: Restoring damaged skin, Restoring moisture and Healing eczema, acne and dark spots. Ingredients:Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Camwood, Palmkernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, Waters


Handmade Hair Oil- For growth and moisture

Great for: Moisture, Dandruff control, Growth, Unblocking hair follicles and Prevention of future damage. All hair oils have the essential protein and vitamins in order for your hair to thrive. Options available for all hair textures. Please email all special or unique accomodations. Ingredients:Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Peppermint


My daughter’s hair 1 year after using RBN hair oil.
My hair 1 year after shaving my head completely (with the exception of the top) and using RBN hair oil.

Simple Easy Vegan Breakfast for Toddlers

Hello my blissful beings!

Here is my simple yet vegan, Cinnamon Banana Pancakes recipe. This is my toddler and I favorite go to. Its super nutritious, filling and it only takes 15 minutes to make! This recipe is completely organic and gluten free. If you would like it to be nut free, I would suggest using Flax or Hemp Milk.


  • 1 Banana
  • 1/2c Plant Based Milk (Almond, coconut, Flax etc)
  • 1c Rolled Oats
  • 2tbs Maple Syrup or Agave
  • 1/2tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/4tsp Sea Salt
  • 1tsp Baking Powder
  • Oil or vegan butter (optional)

Blend all ingredients together, form cake in a nonstick pan, top with fruit and enjoy! Makes roughly 10 pancakes, depending on size.

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